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Free Lookup in Flint-Thrall Family Letters 1870-1898 (mostly southern Illinois)

Harold Henderson, tr., Flint-Thrall family letters, 1870-1898, typescript with name, place, and subject indexes. Ninety-eight letters in the family of Methodists Rev. Leonidas W. Thrall and Edith M. (Flint) Thrall, mostly from southern Illinois, centering around McKendree College and Lebanon, St. Clair County. Genealogical value lies in the many names mentioned, often without sufficient identification. […]

Of Wealth and War: Samuel Lowe Writes Home

By Harold Henderson On the Ides of March 1863, looking up with dread at the bluffs of Vicksburg, Mississippi, Samuel Adolphus Lowe took up his pen and addressed his sister Roxanna (Lowe) Warner. Samuel, age 38, in Company A of the 4th Regiment of Illinois Cavalry, {1} was at a bend in the lower Mississippi […]