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Indiana Genealogy: Where to Start, What to Do UPDATED 20 May 2012

Genealogy libraries and archives and other resources in Indiana Researching family history in Indiana is easier than it looks. Numerous resources are available for the Hoosier genealogist, and here’s a quick rundown of the best. The state genealogical society publishes the quarterly Indiana Genealogist and the state historical society the semi-annual Hoosier Genealogist:Connections, giving the […]

An Index Is a Treasure Map — Do You Dig?

Originally published in Indiana Genealogist 19, no. 3 (September 2008):147-150, with nice illustrations not shown here. Footnotes {1} have been converted into endnotes in this format. Copyright Indiana Genealogical Society. AN INDEX IS A TREASURE MAP — DO YOU DIG? Trying to do genealogical research without indexes would be like digging for buried treasure without […]