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When the Name’s Not the Same

“When the Name’s Not the Same,” Crossroads 5, no. 1 (December 2009):175-182. Published by Utah Genealogical Association. Were there four men? Or just one with different names? And which — if any — was the father?

An Index Is a Treasure Map — Do You Dig?

Originally published in Indiana Genealogist 19, no. 3 (September 2008):147-150, with nice illustrations not shown here. Footnotes {1} have been converted into endnotes in this format. Copyright Indiana Genealogical Society. AN INDEX IS A TREASURE MAP — DO YOU DIG? Trying to do genealogical research without indexes would be like digging for buried treasure without […]

Can you find St. Charles in 1865?

The Illinois state census of 1865 can help place your family at the end of the Civil War, complete with the name of the household head, the family members’ ages and sexes, the value of their livestock (even in the city — “horsepower” was no metaphor in those days), and sometimes more. The portion for […]

Of Wealth and War: Samuel Lowe Writes Home

By Harold Henderson On the Ides of March 1863, looking up with dread at the bluffs of Vicksburg, Mississippi, Samuel Adolphus Lowe took up his pen and addressed his sister Roxanna (Lowe) Warner. Samuel, age 38, in Company A of the 4th Regiment of Illinois Cavalry, {1} was at a bend in the lower Mississippi […]